Welcome to the Oregon Rural Renewable Energy Tool                            

This project survey is intended to provide you with the access to experts at the Oregon Department of Energy who can assist you in identifying next steps for your project.  Oregon Department of Energy staff can provide unbiased technical support and understanding of financial incentives that may be available.  The information entered in this survey will be sent to the Oregon Department of Energy to assist them in understanding your project.

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1. What type of renewable energy technology are you interested in?

2. Who provides your electric and gas service?

3. What energy use are you trying to offset? Please check all that apply.

4. What is your approximate monthly electricity, natural gas, and/or fuel cost for the load identified in question 3?

5. What are the main uses for the energy sources listed above?

6. If known, what size system would you like to install (in kW)?

7. Please check all that have been completed:

8. Is there anything else we should know about the project?

9. Best days/times to call?